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Trending Instagram Reels Tutorial Complete Guide for New Users

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What Are Instagram Reels?

Welcome to this tutorial on how to create Trending Instagram Reels in KineMaster. Instagram-reels/how-to-make-a-reel-on-instagram. Instagram reels are a great way to express yourself and engage with your followers. In this tutorial we will show you how to create stunning animated cut-out images using the KineMaster mobile app.

We will go through the steps of creating an engaging 15-second Instagram Reel, from selecting the right image and editing it in the app, to adding sound effects and applying transitions. By the end of this tutorial you will know how to bring your ideas to life with beautiful visuals, professional audio edits and seamless animation transitions. So let’s get started!


Before diving right into the tutorial, let’s take a look at the prerequisites for creating a Trending Instagram Reel tutorial in Kinemaster. To create a stunning and eye-catching animation, you should have some knowledge and experience in working with animation software. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with Kinemaster’s timeline and layers will make the animation process much smoother. To get started, make sure you have the latest version of Kinemaster installed on your device. Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Instagram-reels/how-to-make-a-reel-on-instagram Using Kinemaster App

Kinemaster is the most popular video creation and editing app for Android and iOS devices. It offers features like multi-layer video, image, audio, special effects, text overlays, advanced cuts editing, speed controls and much more. To create your own trending Instagram Reels with Kinemaster, you need to follow a few steps.

First of all downloading and installing Kinemaster on your smartphone. Once installed you will see the home page of app from where you can start to create videos or images. You can either import files or shoot video using the mobile’s camera. The next step is selecting a project type according to your needs such as storyboard or advanced timeline mode.

Now it’s time to work on your Instagram Reel animations -you can choose an image layer or create a custom shape mask to cut out an image for animation in Kinemaster. A new layer will appear at the top of your timeline that contains settings such as color & brightness control, keyframes and more which are necessary in order to animate the cut-out layers properly.

For beautiful transitions between two images you can add animated texture masks or implementing motion blur which makes it look livelier & unique than regular transitioning effects used in Instagram posts/stories/videos etc. With powerful speed control option on Kinemaster you’re able to make smooth transition between frames & increase playback speed up to 1000%. Finally export completed project with resolution up to 4k!!

Reels template

A pre-made template in Reels is a great way to create a cohesive look for your videos and to save time when creating multiple reels. Before you go ahead and start making templates, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, get clear on the goal of your Reel, who your target audience is and what kind of message you want to convey. Knowing this information will inform the type of template you want to design – whether that’s a collection of cut-outs images or animation, etc.

You can then start formulating the design style and content types that will best accomplish your goal. If you are designing for Instagram stories, think about short attention spans and energy around these videos being swipeable or scrollable canvases. However any kind of style can work from minimalistic/flat/ visual feeds to elaborate eye candy. Once created it’s important not making too many changes as consistency is key when engaging with an audience so keep elements like font choice, colors & video style similar each time!

If you are preparing a template for your Reel content, don’t forget about sound! Consider the choices available on other platforms like Instagramso it’s easy for viewers to watch and hear across all devices — mobile phones, TVs and anywhere else on Instagram where they might be playing your Reel content. Good audio quality ensures that viewers stay engaged throughout the entire video production duration without getting distracted due to fuzziness of sound or wrong volume settings inside their device.

How to Make a Reel for Instagram Set up Reels

Instagram and youtube Reels is a great way to create content and entertain your audience. If you want to get started with creating Reels, you’ll need to set up your account first. We’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step, so you can start creating your own content with Reels in no time.

Add a background

Adding a background for your Reels can give you an opportunity to add a new layer or new element to the look and feel of your video. Having a creative background can also help to make your video unique and stand out, allowing it to reach a wider audience.

You can create different backgrounds in KineMaster by using images, videos and graphics. To add an image as a background in KineMaster, select ‘Import’ then ‘Image’ when you open Editor mode. Once imported into KineMaster, you can scale and move the image around the frame until it looks the way you want.

Once imported into KineMaster, you have options on how to adjust the image. You can crop it out if there is something specific that you want to remove from it, or enhance certain colors or effects in it by adjusting Hue/Saturation/Luminance controls. Additionally, there are also Video Filters available that allow you to filters like blur or grainy film effect so as to alter the appearance of your background even more.

KineMaster also supports a variety of video layers for backgrounds where any video assets beneath them will appear see through or transparent depending on how you configure your project settings and layer order. This wayyou can create layers with custom animation effects such as animations with Luma Key effects or masking textures on top of backgrounds. dding more depth and visual interest that would be difficult if done manually using only static images.

Add text and music

It’s time to spice things up with text and music. Adding titles to your Reel is an easy way to grab viewers’ attention and provide context for what you’re sharing.

You can also add music through KineMaster’s Sound Library. This library is full of free-to-use tracks for your Reels, including everything from nostalgic beats to upbeat jams. You can easily find the best track for your Reel by searching through the Sound Library or adding a personal touch with a tune from your own music collection.

Once you have found the perfect combination of titles and music, you are ready to add sound effects! From applause and boos to drums, beeps, and chimes, KineMaster’s sound effects will help enhance the visuals in your Reels in a whole new way. Experimenting with how different SFX interact with scenes could give you some really unique ideas. Get creative and have fun!

Cut Out Image Animation

Cut Out Image Animation is a great way to bring a creative twist to your Instagram Reels. It can help you to add a little bit of motion and life to your content. And can provide some amazing aesthetic effects. In this tutorial, we will walk through how to create a Cut Out Image Animation in Kinemaster. We’ll discuss some tips, tricks and ideas to make your Cut Out Image Animation look great.

Cut out image

An animation technique called “Cut out Image” is used in Instagram Reels and other videos to give the impression that an image or object is moving. When used correctly, this type of animation can effectively draw attention to the subject of your video and add a professional feel. However, it can be tricky to get right because you need to also be aware of small details such as camera movement and image clipping. The following tutorial will explain how you can create this type of effect on your mobile device using Kinemaster.

Getting started:

1. Firstly, import the still image which you wish to animate into Kinemaster from your library or take a picture directly from your apps camera.
2. Next, select the Transform tool and manipulate its position until you are happy with the look. It’s important to note that for this type of animation you only have control over one axis at a time i.e. Translate on x/y-axis and rotate/scale on z-axis (up/down). As a result, it’s crucial that while adjusting these settings, your image is perfectly framed in the middle because, once you’ve generated the animation effect, there will be no more control over rotation.
3. Now select Key Frame Animation and set number at least 4-5 keyframes. In order to ensure smooth animation without jarring motion changes at any given time, it must provide enough motion between each frame.
4. One more step before proceeding further – set “motion blur” switch on for more realistic clip movement effect
5 .The keyframes should now appear within timeline below with images so final stage is to manually adjust movement from frame 1->2->3->4->5 etc. Until the required final look is obtained, use the transform tool. (note: each movement should not be bigger than necessary as graceful motion effect should be achieved)
6 .Finally – save completed clip!

Animate cut out image

Animate cut out image is a popular trend on Instagram Reels. This kind of animation creates the illusion of a subject appearing and moving within a transition scene. With the Kinemaster app, you can simply turn any image into an animated cut out in five simple steps:

1. Choose an image: Select an image you’d like to use for your cut out animation. The best images are those that have clear lines and are easy to identify characters or objects in them.
2. Mask the images: After selecting your image, use Kinemaster’s masking tool to isolate and delimit each individual character within your picture so that they appear one by one as needed when animating them.
3. Add transitions between masks: To properly animate your cut out image. So you need to add transitions between each mask layer so that the characters appear seamlessly during playback.
4. Add effects: Use various effects, like as colour filters or speed breakdowns, once all of your mask layers have been placed, to make sure your characters stand out from one another and appear professional.. When played back in fullscreen mode on social media platforms like Instagram Reels.


In conclusion, creating an eye-catching and unique Instagram Reel that is trending on the platform can be easier than you think with the right tools and techniques. By understanding the fundamentals of editing in KineMaster. You can create stunning clips that will delight your followers– even if you have no prior experience with video production or animation.

Using this tutorial as a guide, you should now be familiar with how to add text, music and animations over cutout images using Kinemaster’s robust suite of tools. To make sure your content stands out from the rest. Always remember to be creative and take advantage of the different effects available in Kinemaster. Lastly, don’t forget to experiment with different mediums such as 3D animation or motion graphics that can take your Reels from average to extraordinary.

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