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KineMaster with a JIO phone allows you to cut/edit and create best videos and images.The best part is that you can even control the speed. Thus, you have complete control over the entire video. Only Android and iOS devices are supported by the native applications of KineMaster. Therefore, it is illegal to install the software on a Jio Phone. However, you need not be concerned about this. You can utilize KineMaster for the Jio Phone by employing a few methods. We are here to explain these techniques to you. Learn it together. You can also dwonload kinemaster mod apk from here..

How to download KineMaster for Jio Phone:

As we’ve already mentioned, the Jio Phone App Store does not have the KineMaster application. However, with the aid of Omnisd, KineMaster can still be used on Jio Phones. An application called Omnisd contains all Android apps that aren’t available on the Jio Store. In other words, Omnisd is a third-party application that enables the installation of Android apps on KaiOS.

To download Omnisd on a Jio Phone, you’ll need a PC or laptop, a Micro SD card, and a USB cable. Let’s examine the usage of KineMaster for Jio Phone via Omnisd.

  1. To begin, download the Omnisd zip file to your laptop or desktop computer. The file can be found online by searching for it.
  2. Next, use a USB cord to connect your Jio Phone to your PC. On the Jio Phone, copy and paste the downloaded Omnisd file.
  3. After placing the file on the phone’s SD card, you must turn off the device.
  4. The fourth step is to turn on your Jio phone in recovery mode and then select Apply update from SD card.
  5. Navigate to the folder or location where you placed the Omnisd zip file.
  6. Install it by pressing the back button in step six. After the installation is complete, it will need some permission.
  7. Restart your Jio Phone if it isn’t showing up in the app drawer. After that, you can use the Omnisd app to download KineMaster to your Jio Phone.

Alternatives to KineMaster for Jio Phone:

Even while the aforementioned technique allows you to utilise the KineMaster video editing programme on a Jio Phone, it is not a legitimate way to use the app. Your Jio Phone’s performance may suffer as a result. You can choose an alternative method to edit videos on your Jio Phone if you don’t want to deal with this struggle. Here, we’ve listed some of the top online video editing platforms that let you edit your videos right in the Jio Phone’s browser, similar to KineMaster. You can easily edit or modify your videos with the assistance of the websites listed below without any hassle.


This website offers totally free logo, picture, and video editing assistance. There are many options available for you to modify your movie in many ways. Simply launch a browser app on your Jio Phone and navigate to to edit videos there. You can now begin editing your films using the tools at your disposal. It allows you to modify videos or images using both empty projects and already uploaded materials.


Another website for editing videos online on a Jio Phone is called Clideo. It has a number of tools so you can create your film in a unique way. You can create a video using photographs by exhibiting them one at a time using the slide show builder option on this website. The video can be played back in reverse, slow motion, or even forward. You can flip, add music, crop, merge, cut, add text and subtitles, and more.

Movie Maker Online:

Like the one before, this is a website where videos can be created online. You may feel comfortable using this online video editing website on your Jio Phone because of its user-friendly interface. It offers similar tools to other websites, including trimming, cropping, merging, slideshows, slow motion, etc.


We reached the conclusion of this article. You now know some alternatives to KineMaster for Jio Phone as well as how to download it. Use KineMaster on a Jio Phone via the Omnisd app if you feel comfortable using the unofficial method otherwise consider the alternatives.

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