KineMaster For Instagram

What is KineMaster

KineMaster is an editing software which allows you to edit and create images and videos. Many professional video editors use KineMaster to edit their excellent videos. Many Brands like Coca-Cola, Super Bowl, etc use KineMaster to edit their Advertisements. KineMaster makes your video spicier and the best part is, you can use it on MAC, Windows, IOS, and Android devices.

What is KineMaster MOD APK

As you know KineMaster has a watermark export and the best editing features are not free, So we launched a MOD APK that has all kinemaster premium features for free and has a watermark-free export.


Kinemaster is a software that creates/edit Best instagram reels.All the best influencers and big brands make reels with kinemaster.

How to Edit Instagram Reels with KineMaster

How to edit:

Step 1:Install the KineMaster Application.

Step 2: Hit the create option with the size of 9:16

Step 3: Now import all the Images or the videos you want to edit(Make sure to edit As Well as possible)

Step 4: Now export or save the video by clicking on the share button.

Step 5: Again, create a new project with a 9:16 ratio.

Step 6: Now add your light ring video and extend it up to 5 seconds

Step 7: Add that exported video after exporting your light ring video.

Step 8: Reduce the video’s frame rate. After clicking on the video, choose Speed, reduce it by 1x to 0.7x, and click OK.

Step 9: Now double your images multiple times.

Step 10: Add a Bokeh Video.

Step 11: To change the blending, press ‘this Video’>> the blending option >> choose the screen option.

Step 12: Now download/export the video.

Or you can do more customization like adding a Red or Blue border, adding particle video, adding any other text, adding some png, Songs, etc.


you can make instagram reels with the help of kinemaster

Different KineMaster Versions

Kinemaster Green

For their videos and other projects, many seasoned video editors use KineMaster green APK.

Below is a list of every feature of KineMaster Green. Make use of these free features when editing videos. When editing videos, be sure to read these features and remember them.

Kinemaster Diamond

This feature is not in the normal APK because the interference is modded. The diamond apk makes the editor enjoy the beautiful and unique because of a diamond interference.

KineMaster Gold

KineMaster Gold is the modded version of the KineMaster with all of the premium functions, as I indicated above. This version is for you if you cannot afford the original version of this app but still want to benefit from video editing. Once you download it from this page, you’ll discover that the app is fully functional and has all of its features enabled.

If you have a private Instagram account, Reels respects your Instagram privacy settings. Only your followers will be able to see your reel if you share it to Feed. Original audio from your reels cannot be used by others, and reels cannot be shared with anyone who do not follow you.

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