How to Use KineMaster on iPhone and Android Devices [Step-by-Step Guide] 

The Complete Guide To Creating YouTube Videos using kinemaster on iOS and android devices. That Drive Traffic and Conversions Kinemaster is the first full-featured video editing app for mobile devices. A good video can boost your website traffic and make your audience feel part of something bigger than themselves.Learn how to make youtube videos with kinemaster.

Video Editing Software helps edit videos, allowing you to create the perfect story. Whether you’re looking to share your company’s success stories or share your personal story, video editing makes it easier for people to understand your message. In addition, video editing software allows you to add effects, transitions, titles, and other features to make your video look professional and polished. Video editing software makes it easy to tell your story and create a great video that will engage your audience and attract potential customers.

Kinemaster is a video editor which lets you edit and share videos without using third-party software. It has a lot of features to make your life easier and more fun.

How to do Video editing with kinemaster on your phone:

After utilizing your phone to record a video, it’s time to edit. What happens, though, if you’re terrible at video editing and don’t have the money to employ a pro? There is no cause for concern. With the help of the mobile video editor KineMaster, you may easily edit your videos (for no cost).

An editing program with a tonne of functionality is KineMaster, which is simple to use. You can add material to it and edit videos on the go, thanks to its drag-and-drop features.

How to use kinemaster step by step:

A subscription is available for KineMaster, a free program with extra features. We’ll utilize the base version for this tutorial because the editing tools are all free. However, there is a catch when using the free version: a watermark will download with the movie.

We’ll be concentrating on the Android version of 

Download: kinemaster for Android and IOS

  1. Get your ideas and materials ready.

Find appropriate videos for the message you want to convey first by giving it some thought. For individuals wishing to produce professional videos, such as advertisements and other promotional content, this phase is very crucial.

This shouldn’t take too long if you’re just making simple modifications to a video you shot on your mobile.

1.Launch KineMaster and start a new project:

Launch the app on your phone after downloading it. You will be greeted by a landing page when you first launch KineMaster with the choice to begin a new project or carry on updating an existing one.

Select an aspect ratio for your video and tap Create a new project (the Plus sign in the center button) to begin a new project. Your choice of aspect ratio is greatly influenced by where you plan to post the video. For example, although Instagram prefers 9:16, YouTube prefers 16:9. You can use 1:1 for screens with smaller sizes.

Tap Media again to access the Media Browser area. These are crammed with folders that include pictures and videos. Choose the video clip you want to edit, and the project window will import it. To save the video, click the checkmark in the top right corner. If needed, repeat this procedure to include other video clips.

3.Trim Your Video:

When you select the video clip you wish to edit, the border will appear in light yellow, and you can cut it. To open multiple trimming options in the exact location, tap the scissors icon (Trim/Split menu) in the top right corner of the screen.

Four alternatives become available for selection: Trim to the Playhead’s Right, Trim to the Playhead’s Left, Split at the Playhead, and Split and Insert Freeze Frame.
  1. Select Trim to Right of Playhead to limit the clip to the video that comes after the current location. The length of the cut video will be reduced as a result.
  2. Using the Trim to Left of Playhead option, you may additionally specify that the clip only contains material that comes before the current location. Use the Split at Playhead button to split a video clip.
  3. As you edit, click the play button to watch the video and track your development. If you are satisfied with the outcomes, select the checkbox to store them.

Include Video Transitions:
  1. Select the video between which you wish to apply transitions. Each video clip has a Plus (+) sign next to it. Tap on Plus to add transitions; a variety of alternatives will then show up on the right.
  2. Traditional transitions, 3D transitions, picture-in-picture transitions, text transitions, and other alternatives are available for you to choose from.
  3. To preserve your selection after making it, hit the checkmark in the upper section. We chose Classic Transitions > Crossfade for this example.
  4. Move the slider to the transition’s location, then press the play button to see a preview of the transitions.

Texturize a Video:
  • Hit the Layer icon to bring up a menu of options so you can add Text to your movies. Select Text from the menu of choices.
  • Display some little text throughout the video, write down your text, and select OK.
  • Tap and Drag, to make the text bigger or smaller.
  • To choose a font style that complements the mood of your video, tap the Aa sign on the right.
  • To save your changes, click the checkmark in the top-right corner. Additionally, you can include color, shadow, background, and animation effects in your Text.
  • You can apply a variety of eye-catching animation effects to your Text. We used In Animation > Letter by letter for this tutorial.

You can apply a variety of eye-catching animation effects to your Text. We used In Animation > Letter by letter for this tutorial.

Click the white circle next to the scissor icon and select your color.

  1. Add music to the scene:

Place the vertical red line where the music should begin on the project sheet to add music to your video.

Next, select the appropriate song from your phone by clicking the Audio icon on the main tool menu. Additionally, you can import songs via the Audio Browser in KineMaster.

Consider going through websites that let you download free music to locate other possibilities for finding authorized songs you may utilize in your video.

Tap on the flashing red plus sign after choosing the music. Your audio will start playing after the music has been added to the project.

If you’re sure of the music you’ve chosen, tap the red plus sign, and the track’s name will appear in the lower portion.

Export Your KineMaster Videos:

Tap on the export icon in the top-right corner once you’ve completed editing and are happy with the result. You have the option of exporting the movie at the suggested quality or changing its resolution, frame rate, and bitrate as necessary.

Right on the screen will be your exported video. To upload it to YouTube, social networking, or any other app on your Android phone, tap the share icon.

Utilize KineMaster to quickly edit videos


One of the top iPhone and Android video editing apps is KineMaster. With only a few simple clicks, the software allows you to edit films to make them look professional. Anyone can improve a movie with its simple interface and potent capabilities. Even beginners can do without experience.

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