How To Add Custom Fonts in kineMaster

How To Add Custom Fonts in kineMaster Without An APK Editor [Step by step guide] 2023

The two apps Kinemaster v6.3.4.28555.GP.Font] and KM Font Installer must be downloaded on your mobile device in order to add custom fonts in Kinemaster lettering to the Kinemaster app.

However, before installing these apps, you must uninstall the previous version of Kinemaster from your device. Then, you can Download & Install from the given link.

Add custom fonts in kinemaster Follow these steps

First, open the Google Play Store, select your Id, then click Play Protect. Next, disable or uncheck both the Scan apps and Improve hazardous app detection options. After then, a warning will appear; ignore it for a while.

Step 2: Download and extract the 200 font or (Kinemaster lettering )zip file I’ve provided for your mobile device.

Step 3: Now launch the KineMaster app. If you are having trouble opening the app, tap the home button, clear your recent applications, and then try opening it again. This might be due to an engine fault.

Step 4: Next, add some text to the timeline. Next, select the Font option (Aa), where just two categories of fonts—Android and Latin—are displayed.

Step 5: Now launch the KM Fonts Installer software, select “Install Fonts (Aa),” then pick all fonts in the folder where you extracted the 200 fonts.

Step 6: To view all the fonts you’ve added, open the KineMaster app once more and select the fonts option.

You can finally export the video at this point.

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