How Chroma Key works in KineMaster 2023!

If you want to change the background of your videos, Use the chroma key, which is a brilliant mode of kinemaster. Chroma key plays an important role in the making of films. Most Hollywood films like AVENGERS’, AVATAR, and IRON MAN are made using the chroma key to manipulate the background. You need to edit or remove the background, for which you can use the VFX technique on the chroma key. It enables you to choose and change the background color, and most people prefer green color because it fits perfectly when compared to changing the background.  

With the help of this video you will be understand in better way that how to use Chroma Key
chroma key

Chroma key will help you to create amazing content, if you wish to be a influencer, or a short filmmaker.

About Chroma Key

In kinemaster pro, they prefer to use green color with you can choose any color. You can use this feature on your mobile phone by shooting a video with a green screen. The chroma key feature is automatically enabled when the file is uploaded or imported into the pro edition of kinemaster. When you press the chroma key button, it will show you every other character except the green background. Most moviemakers use this technology in their films to modify the background. 

You can use this feature on your smartphone by hanging a green cloth or a screen on the wall, acting in front effect, and then importing the video via kinemaster and click on the chroma key option. Following are instructions on how to access and save the chroma key in Kinemaster.

how chroma key works in kinemaster

How to download chroma key in kinemaster.

Chroma key is a feature of the kinemaster which allows you to change the background of the videos you make. To avail this feature, you need to have the paid version of kinemaster, it provides you with many entertaining features, and the chroma key is one of them. You can buy the kinemaster pro on your Google play store.

How to use the kinemaster chroma key

Step1 :Use a short video clip with a green background

Step 2:

From your phone’s gallery import your chosen video.

Step 3:

Click on the layer and import the green screen image as an additional layer.


Step 4:

When you import your video or image with a green background the chroma key option will automatically appear on the right hand side of the panel in kinemaster.

Step 5:

Click on the chroma key to see it’s interface



Enable the chroma key option by typing on the enable button and after that edit your videos with available tools by adding text and effects


Step 7:

You can also add transparency of your video by using chroma key.

Step 8:

When you have performed all of the steps mentioned above you can export your video clip by clicking on the share button on the left hand side of the panel after clicking the share button shoes the size and quality of the video.


Step 9:

You can choose from many options like 720 megabytes and 30 FPS

When you are done with this, go to your gallery and watch the video


We hope the guide has helped you on using the This feature of kinemaster on your content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Chroma Key modifies and remove the background of your original video by choosing a green screen.

You can still edit your background without green screen but it is recommended for this mode.

Chroma key is used for editing/ modifying your background.

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