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Changing and removing Video Background on Kinemaster;

If you are looking for a way to edit and change the background of your videos, you have come to the right place. You can speak to kinemaster app to create a difference in the background of your images and videos. This app facilitates you by providing overlay layers of images, handwriting, and limited text,up to 10 video layers.

The layer’s position and time can be adjusted and animated by using the preset animation effect.
Yes, the kinemaster is a phenomenal video editor that provides you with many editing tools with which you can edit and create good content to entertain people.

The interface is very simple yet useful as it provides you with many tools, and it is entirely free. Still, it has a watermark. Now,let’s dive into the features of kinemaster and see how they can benefit you.

Features of kinemaster to change the background;

Kinemaster gave it uses many advanced features like voice changer filters betray resolutions, control of exporting frame rate, and support for many videos, audios, and file formats.

Now let’s have a look at some of the main features of the kind master would you editor.

Intuitive editing:

This feature allows you to cut and trim your audio and videos.Time of the audio or video can also be adjusted by using the sub-frame accuracy. 

Instant Preview:

You do not need to watch your video after you have completed it. In fact, you can watch your added actions why when you have completed with them. This way, the user’s time is saved.


Multitrack audio:

Eight or more video tracks can be simultaneously played by using the kinemaster audio mixing booth.

Multiple layers:

Want to know about the feature of the kinemaster which made it at trending among video editor? Multiple layers allow you to overlay layering images, handwriting, and unlimited text.

The timings and position of the layers can also be adjusted, and they can also be animated by using the preset animation effect.


The blending modes by using this feature, you can create customized color filters and knockout backgrounds and show artistic effects in your content.

Speed controls:

In slow and time-lapse effect, you can change the speed of your edited video from 0.5 X to 16x

Pro audio features:

Audio tracks can be separately edited by using this feature. It also allows you to control stereo channels with kinemaster full audio. You can also turn the auto volume and adjust the volume envelopment criteria.

Chroma key :

The kinemaster video editor supports features like chroma key composting with a green screen and a life preview of alpha mass and details, and how to adjust the curve views to give you a detailed picture of the corners of the mass.

Voice recording:

Kinemaster enables you to record audio while previewing the project you are working on. With the help of this feature, you can easily voice your tracks.

After briefly studying the features of kinemaster, let’s move on to how to change and remove the background of videos.

Remove the background of your video by using kinemaster Pro;

In this blog, you will find step-by-step instructions on removing the background from your videos in kinemaster Pro. For that, you need some advanced functioning features like a chroma key while editing your videos which enables you to remove or change the background of the video you are editing.

How to change the background on KineMaster:

Change the background of your video by using kinemaster

Record your video using a green screen, then go to the kine master, and in the media section, load the background required for your video.

Then click on the layer button to load the video, which you need to remove the background. After following these steps, select the video and tap on the Chrome key to change the background.

Steps to change background on video with KineMaster.

  • Now press the slider on your screens to match the color with the background.
  • Yes, you have done it.
  • This is the way to change the video background in kinemaster.
changind and removing background of video using kinemaster
enable background on kinemaster

For that, you have to have a subscription plan of kinemaster.

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The above information helps you to edit, remove or change the background of your videos. For further queries, comment to us below and follow us to get updated.


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